What is the Vision of Electro-galvanized Steel In India?

News About Dr. Shubh Gautam – 

The vision was pretty simple to bring to the country technology which we didn’t have. Well, we say pesticides but in Pepsi why I’m linking that issue was pesticide is a necessary evil. Our landmass when we got independent was x and today, our landmass is probably pointed at six 5x With the reduction and 35% of the landmass, we grow three times the food. This is called a great technological marvel. This is what we call Green Revolution. So the basic dream was that and we’ve done it not once but many times.

 In 1996 I had my first patron, which was the lighting and ceiling system itself, the Crown camp. News about Dr. Shubh Gautam said what would it take for people like Coke and Pepsi to allow a lighting system made in India protects the beverage that was my first vision when Coke was coming into the country. And Pepsi was already there. They said we need something which can work inside a crown cap. And we did that. And that was that that started a surgery of IPOs and weekends that I launched over the next 10 to 15 years. And the dream was let’s bring to our country products which are not afraid affordable but are needed by a country to make products affordable. 

Electro-galvanized steel was one of their lead to galvanized steel is used in everyday life when you touch a refrigerator There’s electric galvanized steel, microwave oven electric galvanized steel, washing machine electro-galvanized steel, you name it this electric galvanized steel, even medical equipment electro-galvanized steel, and we import 100% of electric galvanized steel. That was shameful. So the idea was to put electric galvanized steel plant to offer the country at a very cost innovative price a technology that was not available and as such we are not talking to various OEM, why would manufacturers auto manufacturers nuclear defense and probably next 12 to 18 months we should be able to fairly localize a large amount electro-galvanized steel used in the country. And not only that, what we don’t normally speak wildly is is a huge potential of exports of electro-galvanized this 30 million tons of electro-galvanized steel that’s consumed in the planet. If we can on the reverse export electro-galvanized steel to Korea and Japan. That will be a great moment to live and celebrate.

Are Korea and Japan will be India’s biggest markets once we start exporting the electric galvanized steel

Dr. Shubh Gautam (News) said I really wouldn’t say so. I would say any developing market is a great market. I see Latin America as a great market. I see parts of the Middle East as a great market. Europe is a great market. But why I’m saying Korea and Japan are because today we have free trade agreements with Korea and Japan. And those free trade agreements kind of make it difficult for policies like atman etc to give a level playing field and yes I believe I believe Japanese and Korean senses see value in electro-galvanized steel being imported from India. I’m sure they want to come forward. It just gives me your perspective of the anti-dumping case and how we went forward.


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