What is the Core Purpose of Using Drain Wire in Shielded Cables?

If you have ever seen a shielded cable, you might have noticed that there are a lot of different components that complete its constitution. One of these components that holds utmost importance is the drain wire. Any kind of pipe type earthing contains the drain wire. It is a bare wire which you can find inter-weaved with the wrapping foil in a stranded manner.

Since the drain wire carries out a lot of essential functions of the shielded wire, it can always be found inside a shielded cable. A shielded cable facilitates a lot of operations in big electric setups and each of its components is designed to perform a specific set of tasks. The drain wire has its own set of operation that it performs or assist in. Let’s have a look:

What are the Core Purposes of Using Drain Wire in the Shield Wire Earthing?

A drain wire is undoubtedly a crucial part of any shielded cable and the functions it is used to perform can save electric engineers from a lot of hassle and shortcomings. Let’s go through this list of the major purposes a drain wire is used for:

1) Grounding Assistance

The drain wire in any shielded cable plays a very important part in providing the grounding. It becomes possible thanks to the drain wire’s capacity to provide a continuous connection with extremely low resistance with the metallic shield of the cable.

The drain wire is placed from one end of the cable to another while being in the contact with the metallic side of the cable. This position of the drain wire allows it to provide the phenomenon of grounding as it connects the cable to its ground terminal.

2) Solving the Problem of Electrical Noises

As we all have studied, an electric circuit needs to be completed flawlessly to work efficiently. Similarly, the metallic shield that is present in the metallic cable has to complete its circuit in the cable to work the way it should. One of the main components that are required to complete this circuit, is the drain wire. Here, the drain wire’s work is to carry the unwanted electrical noise all the way to the ground.

Electrical noise is also a very commonly occurring phenomenon, especially in big electrical setups. If the electrical noise goes undetected for a big amount of time, great damage could occur to the entire system. Here, the word noise is not just related to the audio noise. In videos, blurry pictures, and distorted striped lines can be seen. In audio, the sound of buzzing can be present. Hence, it becomes essential to remove this unwanted noise.

The sparking of the fire may even be very hard to detect at the first and fixing it can take away hours. And when we talk about the power supply lines of hospitals or a military operation every setting counts. The drain wire in the shielded cables helps prevent such damages and enables the system to run effortlessly for an extended amount of time. In other words, we can say that the significance of Drain wire in shielded cables is more than a person can comprehend.



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