Top 10 Benefits of Ductless Downflow Workstations
The ductless downflow hood workstations are one of the most sought after lab equipments in the world. They have several benefits and hence must be installed in your laboratory. This small article will outline to you ten such important benefits which you can get from downflow workstations.

   1.   The downflow workstation comes with a blower which is in built. This will help in reducing the space that it takes up and its cleaning will also be more efficient.
  2. It will protect your lab operators from all sorts of toxic and hazardous substances. It will protect them from both powders and vapors. These toxic substances would get collected through the perforations which are made on the working surface. It will then return in the lab environment air which is clean and free from contaminants.

  3.  It has a work surface that is made from stainless steel which makes it super easy to clean also.

  4. You will be getting these hoods in plenty of different sizes which make it convenient for different requirements of different labs and experiments.

  5. The downflow workstations have open front along with open sided frames that help in better operator movement and it will also allow you to place multiple units along each other when you have larger working areas.

  6. All of these units will be including a single pre-filter that is also washable. This prefilter will be removing the larger particles from getting passed through. You can also add an activated charcoal carbon filter and an HEPA filter if you want. In the event that you are doing any application where the use of powders and other dry particulates are used then you will need to use HEPA filters. When the chemicals and the solvents are used then you will need to use carbon filters.

   7.   It is extremely versatile and suitable for various applications.

  8. It can be used for different types of experiments which involve solvent or chemical preparations.

  9. You can use it as a station for your hot plates, for your microscopes, to develop a chemically latent print and so on.

  10. You will find the ductless downflow hood work stations to be coming with extremely simple and effective specifications. The construction material of this product in white polypropylene, which is a corrosion resistant material and it, lasts for a long time.

The ductless downflow workstations or downflow hoods are one of the most crucial equipment in a laboratory. This is vital to protecting the environment inside the laboratory and the workers who work there. This is small and relatively portable equipment and has several options for customization as well. This can be used in various types of applications. The ductless downflow hoods come with a range of specifications which make it versatile equipment. Also it is extremely long lasting and easy to maintain. Thus you need to install this in your laboratory also. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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