As soon as summer arrives all of us get bored and clumsy. We just wish to eat ice creams and drink cold drinks to keep ourselves cool and fresh. The most important thing that we want in summers is a light and soft dress that makes you feel cool and comfortable in this hot climate. They should be light in weight and give you a stunning look. Not only cotton but other light fabrics such as georgette, chiffon and net are also preferred for summers but they don’t give that much comfort that cotton gives.

Why Cotton is Best for Summer:
Cotton is a very soft and breathable fabric made from cotton plants that is best for summers. It is a strong and absorbent fabric that helps to control moisture and sweat in hot and humid climates. One of the oldest fabric that has been used since prehistoric time is cotton. The textile has been used since Mughal period.
The largest manufacturing industry at that time was the cotton textile that was available in a variety of colors and still it is one of the most famous and trending fabric. If you are looking for wholesale cottondress material unstitched you should get new collections to wear this summer.
It is available in bright and vibrant colors with alluring designs and patterns having beautiful prints like check prints, lines, animal prints and other attractive prints. They are sweat proof and fluffy, it is the most widely used natural fiber cloth in clothing today.  
About Cotton:
The Hottest & Coolest Cotton Dresses for Summer
It is a shrub that is native to tropical and subtropical regions around the world including Egypt, Africa, America and India. The fiber is spun into threads and yarns and is used to make a soft, breathable textile. The fabric has been used in India since the prehistoric times.
The largest manufacturing industry during the Mughal Empire was the cotton textile industry and it is still running at the highest peak. The industry was responsible for a large part of the empire’s international trade. The fabric can be bleached in a variety of colors that makes it look more beautiful and attractive.
Some Facts About Cotton Clothes:
They have the ability to control moisture. They are suitable for each and every type of climate but are mostly preferred in summers as they are soft and light in weight. Light colors like white, cream, peach, pink, mint and other pastel colors are best for summers. Avoid dark colors like black, blue or purple as they will make you sweat more in sun rays. Light colors will keep you fresh, cool and calm in this hot weather.
The Hottest & Coolest Cotton Dresses for Summer


Dresses to Wear in Summers:
The Hottest & Coolest Cotton Dresses for Summer


You should opt for a loose and flared cloth. They should have a playful appeal and should not be stuck to your body. Try to wear long and covered dresses when you go out so that it protects you from the harmful sun rays. You don’t have to apply sunscreen when you wear a full sleeve and long dress.   
Long Frocks: A beautiful long gown in cotton fabric with alluring prints such as digital prints, check prints, lines, big motifs, animal prints, etc. They can be in several patterns like anarkali pattern, slit patterns, straight patterns and off-shoulders. They are loose as well as provide you a comfortable feel in summers.
The Hottest & Coolest Cotton Dresses for Summer


T-shirts and Pant: An easy to wear attire that can be managed and carried easily. A beautiful printed t-shirt paired with shorts or pants like palazzo, narrow pants and a denim jeans is a perfect match for summers. The outfit is mostly preferred by girls on a daily basis.  
Pants and Kurti: A bright colored kurti with a plain pant, or a printed pant with a plain kurti is a perfect pick for any official meeting, college, kitty parties and small get together. Pair a straight kurti with a palazzo pant or a narrow pant. A-line kurtis paired with straight pants, leggings, narrow pants or dhoti is a best pick for summers.
Salwar Kameez: A patiala salwar suit or a dhoti paired with a short kurti is a great pick for summers. The salwar is flared and pleated having several pleats from the thighs. A short tunic paired with this salwar is going to give you a perfect traditional look and fresh feel in summer.
Cotton Sarees: Many women prefer to wear cotton sarees in summers. It’s a traditional outfit that has beautiful prints and little embroidery work. Small stones and diamonds studded in the saree makes it look more beautiful and attractive. Pair it with a plain and contrast blouse with a beautiful neckline and sleeve pattern.   
The fabric is also combined with some other fabrics to give it a soft and comfortable feel. The fiber is often blended with nylon, linen, polyester and wool. Some fabrics like silk, georgette, chiffon and net are combined with cotton and gives the material a soft and comfy feel.
White colors are mostly preferred for summers as this light color is very absorbent. It is a strong and durable fabric that is long lasting and has the ability to control moisture. Due to this feature the fabric is preferred for summers.
Cotton dresses are the hottest and coolest attires for hot and humid climates. It reduces the stress and hotness of this humid weather. The fabric is light in weight, is a breathable textile, it is a versatile fabric that suits both men and women. Men also wear cotton kurta and pajamas in summers that makes them cool and fresh.
Not only for summers but it is also suitable for every other climate. A heavily embroidered cotton salwar suit is perfect for wedding or any special occasion. A cotton saree detailed with some intricate designs with stones, pearls, diamonds and laces. Hand work cotton sarees are also one of the prior choices for events and parties.    

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