Nag Tibba Trek Guide

On the off chance that you are searching for a spot which is less popularized and close to Delhi/NCR then your pursuit closes at Pantwari, Uttarakhand. Encompassed by the excellent slopes in Tehri Garhwal District, town Pantwari is 334.9 Km from Delhi. It will take around 8 hours to reach Pantwari. Nag  tibba trek can be considered as extraordinary compared to other end of the week treks for apprentices which starts from town Pantwari.
Nag tibba (Serpent’s Peak) is the most elevated crest in Garhwal Division with 9,915ft from the ocean level. The awe inspiring magnificence and cordial locals will add on to your experience during your stay in Patwari.
I began my trek from Pantwari, though there are two different approaches to arrive at Nag tibba. The briefest one is through Patwari. The separation of Nag tibba trek from Pantwari is 7-8 km. The trouble level of the trek is simple moderate and soak from base camp to Nag sanctuary and after that to the top. With Gradual climb, the trail is secured with stones. Nag tibba trek is particularly prescribed to the novices who have quite recently begun trekking.
On the off chance that you are going by your very own vehicle you can spare your 1.5 hours by taking your vehicle to the motorable street which will make your trek short. There is no consent required to go into woods visitor house starting at now. In any case, perhaps later you may need to request consent and pay for your stay at base camp Kathiyan which goes under backwoods office (as per local people).
Nag tibba trek is open consistently. On the off chance that you are accomplishing just because it’s smarter to take a guide who can help and propose the most ideal ways. I was fortunate enough to experience pester tibba snow trek on January 26th long end of the week in 2018. By exploiting long end of the week me and travel bug tainted companions arranged the trek to pester tibba. 

Itinerary of Nag tibba trek from Delhi

Day 1: left Delhi on Thursday night and ranges Pantwari on following day around 11:00 Am. As a result of the mist, we took more stops than expected.
Day 2: We need to set up everything as nothing was preplanned. There are no such inns at Pantwari, so we need to pay special mind to homestays and individuals giving rooms on lease. No enormous shops, only a couple giving things of every day necessities. After of a great deal of chases, we were figured out how to get space to go through our day 2 night. Every one of the camps, sustenance and rest of the things were taken consideration by a similar seller. Because of our odd timings, day two was squandered.
View from our room in Pantwari
In the event that you all are wanting to leave for Pantwari on Friday or some other day of your decision so ensure you leave the spot by greatest 9:00 PM at night so you can begin your trek on time a day or two ago.
Day 3: We began our trek late and arrived at the base camp in 3-4 hours. Had our lunch and we were having rest of the night to appreciate the dusk and blaze.
Outdoors in Kathiyan
Outdoors at Nag  tibba trek
Day 4: And again we were late. We should begin our trek at 5:00 Am toward the beginning of the day however we wake up at 6.00am. Can’t accuse the excellence of the mountains to wake us up all the night.
Desire Vs Reality
Desire: Day 1 Travel in the night to reach Pantwari Start the trek on Day 2, Day 3 come back to pantwari. Back to home by Day 4. This is a perfect calendar one ought to pursue.
What truly occurred: Day 2 at Pantwari, Day 3 base camp khatiyan, Day 4 to the summit.
Nag tibba trek see
From Pantwari to Nag Tibba Trek, nature won’t pass up on an opportunity to astound you. The base camp Khatiyan gives a dynamite perspective on mountains, ranges and an absolute necessity watch dusk and dawn.
NagTibba climate conditions
The temperature could tumble from 5 degrees to – 8 degrees. Abrupt precipitation/snowfall can decay the temperature further. Pantwari is likewise very cold at night and morning, katabatic breezes can even solidify your bones. So convey enough garments to cover yourself.
Things you have to carry on the trek
Have recorded down a portion of the focuses you should bring on the trek
Convey your very own water bottles as there are just 2 stops on the whole trek where you can discover drinking water. One is before the base camp and the subsequent one is at the base camp Khatiyan. Bring your extra bottles and don’t pass up on an opportunity to fill it.
Convey prepared to eat nourishment organic products, caffeinated drinks, and different edibles. You won’t get anything to eat on the trek. As it is less marketed and has no shops on the trail. Additionally in the event that you are intending to remain at base camp, ensure you employ somebody from Pantwari who can cook for you at the camp.
Warm and Waterproof garments To spare yourself from virus breeze convey some comfortable garments. In the event that you are wanting to do a snow trek ensure you are conveying waterproof garments and appropriate trekking shoes. To shield yourself from getting wet.
Convey additional batteries and power bank as you’ll not get the electric association all through the trek.
Different incidental things like sanitizer, therapeutic unit, bathroom tissue are something you should carry on the trek to pester tibba.
Why you should experience Nag tibba Winter Trek
December-January is the ideal time in the event that you need to experience pester tibba snow trek. I have had visited Nag tibba on January 26th, 2018 and trust me there is nothing best like mountains secured with day off.
This video can clarify it better, How snow-topped mountains looks
In winters the trail turned white with at any rate 2fts of day off that will twofold the fun and rush of your trek. The virus breeze will make you shudder yet not more than the view. You can make a snow man, have snow battle, come in the day off let your inward child turn out.
Step by step instructions to arrive at Nag Tibba
There is no immediate method to reach Pantwari (from where the trek begins) possibly you need to take a transport or a taxi from Dehradun or from Mussoorie. The good ways from Mussoorie to Pantwari is around 56.3km and Dehradun to Pantwari is close by 90 Kms.
It tends to be considered as extraordinary compared to other end of the week treks close Mussoorie. Pantwari is a spot like you have never observed or visited. A little town with not in excess of 50 houses. Individuals there, are constantly prepared to help without expecting anything consequently which is an uncommon case nowadays. Little shops selling every day needs will be impeccable to look for assistance from. On the off chance that you are hoping to eat non-veg in Pantwari so please note there is just one shop who sells home cook meat, that preferences completely astounding. As individuals living in Pantwari generally evade utilization of meat and Alcohol so you won’t locate any related shop there.
Spending limit: As I was going in a gathering, per individual we have spent Rs 3500 Approx for the whole trip. The expense was comprehensive of transportation, trekking, outdoors and nourishment for 3 days.
Complimentary Activities
Accompanied fowl strolls or woodland climbs into the encompassing wildernesses with a Camp naturalist.
‘Keechad party’ in the mud pool.
Cull your own herbs and make 8 to 10 assortments of new tea.
Mushroom chasing
Chamomile bloom chasing. A chamomile tea at night will make you quiet.
Contacting the dirt and having a vibe of Organic cultivating.
Cull and eat crisp organic products from trees like pear, peach and apple.
Play with the ranch pets mutts, hens and goats.
Yoga and contemplation.
Connection with neighborhood residents living in high elevation remote territories.
Town visit
Open air fire
Wood terminated preparing or chullah supper.
Paid Activity
Accompanied trek to Nag Tibba sanctuary town – a run of the mill Garhwali spot of love.
Why pick this eco – stay?
Eco-stays are spending amicable and won’t make an opening in your pocket. They are secured by greenery so you can breath in outside air, which city life can’t give you. It gives you genuine feelings of serenity and revives your body. Furthermore, in particular it makes your vacation increasingly sensational through its various exercises. Each eco-stay has been by and by visited and confirmed by an independent lady explorer of our group.
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