Kheerganga Trek Guide
This was additionally the first occasion when we stayed outdoors in the mountains and made such a large number of companions in transit. In all honesty, I was terrified the whole time since I am frightened of statures. In any case, I realize that whenever allowed to do it once more, I would rehash the entire experience. Since the sentiment of getting up toward the beginning of the day and respecting the mountains around you is incredible.
In the event that you are intending to do the Kheerganga trek as your first trek, it is a simple trek in any case, you need a great deal of stamina on occasion to climb. In this Kheerganga trekking guide, we have referenced all the data to enable you to design your outing. This incorporates remain, transportation, and the expenses and every one of the tips to make it a significant trek.
Trouble Level of Kheerganga trek: Easy

The Highest Point of the Trek: 10,065 ft.

Start time: Make sure you start your trek early morning around 6 a.m

Span of the trek: by and large, it takes everybody 4-6 hours to climb and around 3-5 hours to plunge
A little town situated in the Parvati Valley, Kheerganga is arranged at an elevation of around 3050 m. Outstanding amongst other trekking locales in Himachal, Kheerganga is well known for its high temp water springs. What’s more, there is additionally a sanctuary here devoted to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.
Kheerganga was named after the smooth water of Parvati waterway which streams adjacent to the Parvati valley. What’s more, as per the legends, Kartikeya who was the more youthful child of Shiva and Parvati used to ruminate here which made it a significant religious site.
At the Top of Kheerganga Trek
Natural aquifers! Indeed, that is the thing that Kheerganga is acclaimed for. Aside from transcending snow topped mountains that will blow your mind, you can plunge your feet in the underground aquifer and appreciate the harmony. further, since the perpetual camps have now been prohibited the view is much progressively strange and serene.
The most effective method to Reach Kheerganga Trek Starting Point
For the Kheerganga trek, you will initially need to reach Kasol which is the nearest significant town in Himachal. At that point, you can advance toward Tosh or Barshaini which is the beginning stage of Kheerganga trek.
1.Via Air
The nearest air terminal to Kasol is the Bhuntar air terminal a good ways off of 32 km. You will get flights from Delhi and Chandigarh to Bhuntar. After which, you can take a taxi or a transport to reach Kasol.
Cost – A neighborhood transport will cost around 50-80 INR and will take 3-3.5 hours to reach Kasol. Also, a taxi will charge you around 1000 – 1500 INR relying upon the seats.
2.By Road
For individuals originating from close by urban communities like Chandigarh, Shimla, Delhi, and so on taking roadways is likewise a decent choice. You can drive to Kasol which can take anyplace between 7-14 hours.
Another choice is to take a transport to Bhuntar and after that take a nearby transport or taxi to Kasol.
Cost- You will get both private and HRTC transports to Kasol which will charge anyplace between 550 – 1200 INR.
3.By Railways
The nearest real railroad station to Kasol is Pathankot Railway Station which is around 300 km from Kasol. From here, you can take the traveler train to Joginder Nagar which is 145 km from Kasol. You will get both private taxicabs and neighborhood transports from here for Kasol.
Cost – A taxi to Kasol will cost around 2500 – 3000 INR while a transport will cost around 150-200 INR.

Time – It will take you around 4-6 hours to reach Kasol. Be that as it may, the traveler train takes 10 hours to finish the Pathankot to Joginder Nagar venture. Thus, in the event that you are lacking in time, this isn’t the correct decision for you.
4.By Texi- 

When you have come to Kasol, you have to reach Barshaini which is the beginning stage of Kheerganga trek. Kasol is around 16 km from Barshaini town and it takes near 1.5 hours to reach here. You will get the two taxicabs and local people transports to Barshaini from Kasol.
Cost – A taxi will cost you around 800 INR and will drop you rapidly at the beginning stage. Then again, the transport will cost you around 50 INR. Be that as it may, there is just 1 transport each hour so you should hold up a great deal.
In the wake of coming to Barshaini, it is a 13 km trek to the Kheerganga summit which will take around 3-4 hours for the climb.
Kheerganga Trek Route Details
There are two trekking courses for Kheerganga from Barshaini for you to look over. While one course is through the wilderness in the wake of intersection the Kalga Village, the other course includes a rough landscape and two or three towns in transit, which is the Tosh and Nakthan Village. To peruse more on the best way to reach Barshaini, read our Kasol, Tosh, and Malana manage.
Kalga Village: On the timberland course, you would do a great deal of climbing and sliding however the zone is a concealed one which hinders the cruel sun.
Tosh and Nakthan Village: On the town way, you will walk basically on the plain ground however with no tree conceal as security. Along these lines, you can pick your course contingent upon the climate and time.
Trouble Level: The trouble level of the two ways is the equivalent. We have attempted them two and we truly can’t pick one as our top choice. However, we are happy that we chosen to attempt both the ways in light of the fact that the two courses loaned us a totally extraordinary encounter.
There are a couple of troublesome patches and on occasion the way gets smaller. It tends to be slippery on the off chance that one isn’t cautious. So be wary!
There will run over a fork point from where you should take a privilege from Barshaini town
Stroll on the way till the street finishes and afterward you would need to climb. The primary trip will be somewhat steep however there will be shakes as steps to enable you to out
Following 5-10 minutes of climbing, you will go to a little cottage where you can rest for some time. An additional 10 minutes stroll from this spot and you will locate your first shop to purchase bites and drinks
The following 2-4 km: You will run over a little cascade where you will discover nourishment slows down. Be that as it may, more often than not these slows down are vacant the same number of individuals much of the time leave this trek

The following 3-4 km: A precarious ascension. Be that as it may, when you cross it, you will go over a major cascade and a bistro. Here, you can appreciate some tea and a hot bowl of Maggi
The following 2 km: The way turns out to be very tight and somewhat troublesome contrasted with the remainder of the trail
Summit: Once you have finished this 2 km fix, you will go over another little cascade and a bistro. The summit is simply one more 2-3 km from this bistro and will take around 40-50 minutes to finish
The last advances are somewhat steep however the most exceedingly awful is finished.
Note: This trail is normally taken by those trekkers who are marginally low on stamina. The trail doesn’t offer any view however be that as it may, the in addition to point is you will be away from the cruel warmth during the warm climate.
Through Nakthan Village and Tosh – Village Path
On the off chance that you are searching for stunning all encompassing perspectives and in the event that the climate licenses, at that point take the town trail to reach Kheerganga. This trail begins from the Tosh side, where you should cross the Pulga waterway. The trail goes something like –
The underlying 2-3 km will be secured with rocks
In the wake of intersection the rough territory, you will go over a town. After another 1 to 2 km, you will see the first resting stop
After another 2 km walk, you will reach another resting stop and a little cascade
At that point, you should cross a scaffold and the greatest cascade around there. This cascade frequently shows rainbow hues when the sun beams fall on it so it looks very supernatural
From here, it is another 2-3 km before you arrive at the bistro point which is the gathering purpose of the two courses to Kheerganga
The remainder of the way is equivalent to we portrayed previously
To be honest, in spite of the fact that this way is progressively pleasant, be that as it may, it is all the more depleting on the off chance that you are trekking during the daytime. This is on the grounds that you get no spread from the sun, not at all like the Kalga town way.
Likewise, kindly make a point to reclaim your plastics and don’t dump your plastic containers and sustenance on the trail. How about we travel mindfully, keep our condition and mountains clean.
What to Eat in Kheerganga
There are no nourishment slows down at the Kheerganga summit any longer. Be that as it may, you will discover two or three sustenance slows down on the trekking courses. Here, you can get maggie, chips, natural products, and so forth. In any case, in the event that it is a long end of the week, the majority of these sustenance slows down will be out of stock when you reach.
Tips –
Along these lines, make sure to pack enough bites and liquids to keep yourself sustained and hydrated
One beneficial thing about this trek is that you don’t need to stress over the water. You can generally fill your container with the cascade water in transit
The water is new and great, notwithstanding, if it’s not too much trouble guarantee to not toss your plastic containers and waste while on the trail. How about we guarantee that we are abandoning just our impressions.

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