The saree is one timeless classic that is adored by every woman in the country. Apart from being a nation clothing for women in India, it is also fashionable clothing for weddings, parties and all other social and traditional events you may need special clothing for. Measuring a maximum length of 9 yards, this fabric is heavily decorated based on the event it is to be worn to, but it can be simple and sophisticated enough to be made into a daily wear or office wear garment.
With the passing of time and evolution of ethnic clothing, women are continuously on the lookout for something to increase the appeal of this garment and there are various ways to achieve this feat. It may include switching in a different clothing item or even adding an accessory that will make you more than exceptional to other guests. Here is a list of a few methods to get it done the right way without fail.
1. Saree with long jacket
The jacket-style salwar suit is a hit on the fashion market and its introduction in the saree bracket has been nothing short of a show-stopper, for the first time a stylish trend that is equally stylish and comfortable to wear has arrived. The jacket can be implemented in 1 of 2 ways. Either it can be worn on top of the whole outfit or else it can be converted into a blouse and worn as an alternative to the natural blouse.
The choice is yours on how to wear it, but whichever way you choose, you are bound to look amazing and catch the attention of many eyes. The right way to go about this is to team up a simple jacket with a heavily decorated saree or do it the other way round, a heavily decorated jacket paired with a simple saree (best choice if you have some of your mom’s old sarees lurking around).
How To Wear Saree In Different Ways?
2. Extra dupatta for Saree draping
Ever seen someone wearing a multicolored saree, this might not be the saree fabric alone and in actual fact may be a dupatta added to increase the visual attraction of a simple and sober saree so that it can be worn at an important event most importantly at a wedding. This tip can be useful when you do not have a suitable outfit or have to come up with a plan at the last moment.
Sticking to a color scheme is advisable but you can opt for a crazy combination if your aim is to get all attention and make a fashion statement. Natural colored sarees can now have a splash of color when a bright dupatta is draped over the look. A shiny silk dupatta acts as a Jack of all trades and can match any kind of saree this you intend on wearing even if it is cotton or crepe fabric.
How To Wear Saree In Different Ways?
3. Shirt/Tunic as Saree blouse
For a long time now, designers have been updating the market with the latest and trendy styled outfits that are made more popular by young girls and women who are fashion-conscious. This is one of those, the replacing of a blouse with a tunic/shirt makes for an unusual sight that can easily be made a regular if you get it right the first time.
Opt for a formal collared shirt or a mandarin style collar cropped top to bring your look to a whole new level. This creates a different look that is creeping up to become a very common sight at parties where style is the most important thing. If you have sold, single-colored saree you can easily break the same with a plain crop top that lacks any design features. This way even a black saree can be broken with a white or grey tunic as the blouse.
4. Waist belt on Saree
The waist belt has become very common throughout the country with women of all ages and body types wearing them to show off those curves. Waist belts come in many styles made from all kinds of materials (fabric, metal, leather) in every color imaginable, so getting one you love will be a walk in the park.
Pick a color that ranges close to the combination that you have in mind, it can be similar or acting as a contrasting shade. Based on your body shape you can choose to wear it just below the bust or lower down at the waist region, but be warned about this as the wrong positioning can break your look. Thicker high worn belts also create a rather vintage look for curvier figures while slimmer waist-worn ones are better for women with a slimmer and shorter stature.
5. Kurti worn with Saree
This might sound a little odd but the traditional blouse can also be swapped out and replaced with a long Kurti style. It will be a blouse and will fall over the saree after it is draped across and tucked into the petticoat. If you are in search of a unique looking outfit you have found it right now.
Matching is key if you want to pul this stunt off without making it look like fashion faux pas. Stick to natural fibers such as cotton, linen, and wool to increase the comfortability quotient. Pick a long kurti that has side or central slits to aid in the wearing process. Next carefully do the draping to avoid any points that stick out like a sore thumb. After this, wear your look proudly as you will have all the guests admiring your ideas and bravery to wear such an extraordinary-looking saree.
Getting the most appealing look from any saree is o longer a difficult thing to accomplish as any woman now has the best tips to get it right the first time without having to make a mistake to learn from. All you now need is your make-up and accessories and you are ready to go out and enjoy your outing to the maximum.
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