How to Deal With All Issues During Quran Memorization

In recent years, there has been a surge in interest in Quran memorization online as a result of parents’ desire for their children to do so. This is also due to the growing number of Taf and da’wah courses available on television and the internet.

Many people have become increasingly aware of the importance and positive effects of memorizing the Quran in Muslim life. This motivates people to seek out individuals or organizations that can help them improve their Qur’an recitation and memory skills.

There is no doubt that memorizing the Quran is a difficult endeavor, but if you plan ahead of time, the journey will be less difficult. There are a few tricks that will help you memorize the Quran faster and more successfully.

  1. Memorize Quran online
  2. Dedicate a specific time
  3. Set Realistic Goals
  4. Revise What You Memorize

Memorize Quran Online

While many of the finest Quran advice focus on self-study, working with a qualified tutor is undoubtedly more beneficial than relying on yourself to achieve your goals. There are thousands of online Quran academies that provide a variety of courses, including memorizing and Tajweed. You may  online quran memorization  without having to leave your house.

This method of learning the Quran has become quite popular in recent times because of these schools’ unique facilities and professionalism. These schools have world-class teachers who not only can help with Quranic memorization but also in the understanding of the text, legitimate pronunciation, and Arabic-language exercises.

Dedicate A Specific Time

The fact that you set aside a specific amount of time will aid you in overcoming the difficulties you encounter when memorizing the Quran. Remove anything that can distract you from learning the Quran. It would be preferable if you had someone to assist you, such as your parents or friends.

According to research, choosing a noble ally to assist you in remembering the Quan and creating a healthy Hifz rivalry among you is highly helpful. You can’t push yourself to your limits until you sense that someone else is doing so.

Try not to put anything ahead of the Quran. Give it your undivided attention, and you’ll be able to memorize the Quran much sooner than you expect. If you are unable to perform the foregoing, you can memorize the Quran online and follow a set pace.

Set Realistic Goals

Similarly, people who plan what they’ll eat every day are more likely to lose weight than people who don’t have a plan, so it’s a good idea to get yourself ready for retaining the Quran by setting goals for each session.

Your objectives should not be lofty; don’t try to recall an entire surah in one sitting; instead, they should be concrete and attainable. Prizes for advancement and “get up to speed sessions” when missing the mark on an aim should be available to those considering how to remember the Quran.

You should be enticed to recall a couple of pages for each day because this is a realistic goal. Instead, write down your desires and begin by recalling three to five lines each day.

Even the busiest people will be able to devote at least 20 minutes to this type of recall method. If you memorize Quran online, this technique will work even better. A qualified teacher can assist you in being realistic while still being efficient.

Revise What You Memorize

Because learners require motivation to learn, a study of the obstacles that stifle their desire to learn is necessary. According to research from numerous scholars, one out of every ten students who memorize the Quran will lose their lessons sooner or later. While a few students do not finish their memorization inside the allotted time and do not continue to retain information after that, the majority of students do.

So, in order to memorize the Quran, you must go over each refrain several times. You can use the following technique to ensure that you remember all you’ve learned.

  1. Start memorization at the beginning of the day. Pray fair and memorize after it.
  2. Before you begin new memorizing, go over the lines you learned the previous week. This strategy is based on the fact that the most recent memorization is frequently neglected first. As a result, updating previous parts of the Quran prior will serve as a good mental warm-up exercise.
  3. Another beneficial step is to learn the Quran online. This gives you the choice of creating associations between the content you just remembered and the next one you’ll recall.


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