Curing Debilitating Issues with Polyphenol Omega – 3 Supplements
Humans have found remedies for their natural issues in many sources over the past centuries. But identifying a potential cure from a chemically bonded chain of atoms found in many living organisms expanded the horizons medical science to a new extent. The crux of this topic is polyphenol omega 3 fatty acids that are deemed to treat many severe conditions ranging from heart diseases to high blood pressure. With more researches are conducted to explore its numerous utilizations, individuals can expect more advantageous benefits available in multiple ranges of products.
A Closer Look 
Omega 3 consists of carbon atoms linked together by clusters of hydrogen atoms either by single or double bonds. This composition also determines its length, as shorter chains contain up to 6 carbons. These serve as energy for tissues, cells, and membranes. This is achieved by a triglyceride molecule formed onto a glycerol compound. This fat is found in many natural compounds include butter, whole milk, red meat, and chocolate. Although these essential acids are found in the human body, it cannot produce for other than metabolic functions, so it has to be acquired from foods. As for the latest developments, polyphenol is also found in the form of capsules and dietary products used for therapeutic and vitality purposes.
Organic Sources
Fruits and vegetables are a natural source of this fatty acid. Foods like peas, beans, and other nuts are rich in this nutrient. People can also gain this recommended acid by eating fishes or green leafy vegetables. Eating two portions of fish once a week is recommended by many practitioners.
Increased blood sugar levels cause the pancreas to release insulin. High production of insulin is associated with obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Intake of a certain level of omega 3 from dairy products and red meat helps to keep this insulin level under control to prevent any further complications.
Health-Related Benefits 
As cited earlier, a controlled intake of polyphenol omega 3 supplements reduces the incidents of cardiovascular diseases. It includes strokes, heart attacks, and blocked arteries. This is a promising signal for heart-related issues and a reduced endpoint of any major cardiovascular events. 
It can also help to relieve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, which is a chronic inflammation of vital joints. This condition affects nearly two million a year, and it is a progressive & long-term disease. Taking a controlled level of fatty acids has shown reduced signs of rheumatoid arthritis in some recent researches.
Age-related macular degeneration is an eye disease that can lead to permanent vision loss in elderly patients. It happens when the small central portion called macula wears down. Many health care providers suggest this supplement as a remedy for this condition, as it slows the progression of this eye disease. 
Finally, some studies have also shown many proven results of polyphenol omega 3 products and their benefits. With many major companies starting to manufacture this as everyday products, the uncharted curing properties will unveil itself. As of now, many people still consumption this acid on a regular basis to obtain relief from their debilitating conditions.


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