Can you Drive on a Flat Tire in an Emergency

No. Any sane person will suggest against it. In a completely flat tire you will lose control of your car. However, you can try to inflate the tires with a car tyre inflator before driving it. The air may remain for some time.

Should you drive on a flat tire

It is very important that you consider the safety of your passengers and your own safety. A flat tire gives you no control and the steering can change directions before you realize. That can be dangerous if a car is approaching you from front or rear.


If you have a flat tire, you should only drive till you come to the side of the road where it is safe to park. Sometimes, it won’t be safe at night to just stop at the roadside and change the tires. So, only in those cases, drive with a flat tire till you get to a safer place.


So, instead of driving with a flat tire, here’s what you can do:

To begin with, safely maneuver your car to the side of the road and then do any of the following things listed below:


If you have a puncture kit with puncture plugs and also, you have an air compressor to refill air to the tire then you can do the repair yourself. However, if the puncture is big or the tire is shredded, then a puncture plug will not work. You need to mend the puncture from inside by patching. You need to take the other options in that case.


Second is, if you know how to fit in the spare tire then it is awesome. Before changing the tire, make sure the space has proper air pressure. It shouldn’t be flat too.


Lastly, if you see that you have no way of following the above mentioned two options then it is time to call a towing service. Call a tow truck and ask them to drop your car to the nearest repair shop.

What can you do to avoid driving on a flat tire?

Check tire pressure regularly

Many times you can have a flat tire not because it is punctured but just because slowly the sir pressure has decreased over time. Check the tire pressure monthly and refill it whenever needed.


And while you are filling air to the tires, don’t forget to fill air in the spare tire too or else even the spare will become useless due to low air pressure in it.


Modern cars have a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) but it may not indicate low pressure if the pressure of one tire has gone significantly low. If all the tires have low air pressure equally then also the alert may not trigger. So, make a manual check every month while you go to a fuel station.


Having a portable air pressure gauge is good and also try to collect information regarding the recommended air pressure for your tire.


Don’t overload your vehicle

Your tires have a recommended max load and don’t surpass that. This max load is printed on the tire’s sidewall many times but if it is not written then follow the max carrying load of your vehicle. The tires will be able to handle that load.


When you are carrying more load, try to increase the tire air pressure too but do not fill more than the max air pressure. If you put more load on the tires by taking more people in your car then the tires can just blow out which is dangerous as it may cause you to lose control.


Watch out for hazards

Try to drive your car carefully as road hazards such as potholes, nails or roads filled with sharded glass can make a puncture in the tires. Some hazards are unavoidable but try to avoid the ones which you can see beforehand.


Equip you car with run flat tires

These are specialized tires which have the capability of running even after it has gotten flat. This is really useful for all the adventure loving drivers who take their car in different terrains like hilly or river terrains.


A well known run flat tire is the Bridgestone DriveGuard. It can support the weight of your car and can safely run upto 50 miles with speeds upto 50 mph. That’s a good number. You and your family won’t be stuck or stranded at a roadside again with these tires.


We are sure you will get a mechanic within that distance. If not, then the spare will protect you. Just learn to replace a tire so that you can help yourself. And always carry an air compressor.



That was all regarding driving with a flat tire. It is highly discouraged to drive your car which has a flat tire. You should only do so if you feel unsafe to stop at the roadside. And always try to keep an air pump handy so that you can go some distance. We have the best air pump for cars in India, don’t forget to check it out!

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